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The road to the Worlds

Posted by fenner on May 13, 2008

Well the last few weeks have been full on. I thought that not working full time would create more time, however, with the Vet National Road and Track Championships and then running a testing and training weekend with the Total Rush Team down in Melbourne it has been all go.

The Nationals were a little disappointing in terms of results as I felt that I should have won at least one of the events, especially the road race on the Eastern Creek Raceway. I attacked away from the bunch early on and spent nearly two 9km laps away before being joined by Mat Chessum and then around 6 other strong riders. I was feeling so strong and confident with two laps to go I really thought I had it in the bag. After a big pull on the front someone attacked along with another couple of riders and the gap was made, nobody held a wheel and the race was over. The TT was another shocker with a dropped chain on the climb and missing out on a medal by 30 seconds!!!!!

The good things to come from the races were the power readings and general data recorded. Across the board it was up with very strong 5, 20 and 60 minute power/weight stats. It’s all going in the right direction for the World 24 Hour Champs that’s for sure.

Down in Melbourne it was testing time for the team to see where everyone was at and look to see if the training was creating the right adaptations. The boys had been racing lots of Crits and had not been as successful as they had hoped. It has been important for me to reassure the team that they need to look at the big picture as they had only been building base. Also most of the lads are far better suited to longer hilly road races than short flat crits. This could be seen in the excellent power/weight ratio’s the guys cranked out during their MAP tests. The best was 5.3 watts/kg at threshold with another couple of lads around the 5 watts/kg mark. This is definitely in the ball park and should see the team in the reckoning for some good results after the next build phase.

The next set of tests will look at their power profiles and fine tune their training and identify specific races that will suit their strengths. This is all very exciting stuff and the future sure looks bright for team Total Rush.

This last weekend was a local road race on Saturday with a Normalised Power of 336 watts for 104 minutes! I was in a break of four from the get go and it was great I felt super strong, I ended with a 2nd place after attacking with 1km to go but getting caught and sat on for the sprint finish.

The Sunday was a 4 hour enduro and I smashed it, Giant rider Josh Carlson (a FTP Training team rider) and definitely one to look out for in the future as he will be a star and local gun and Norco rider Shane Woods. We were away from the start and the pace was very high. We averaged over 22km/h and I attacked with 1 hour to go and was never headed. We smashed the lap records on the course which were established during an xc race not a 4 hour!! All very, very exciting stuff and I am feeling stronger and stronger by the day. It is certainly helping not having to get up and go to work every day for 60+ hours a week that’s for sure. I am training harder and racing more, but more importantly I am able to recover more and that is the key to it all.

I will dig up some data files and charts and examine them in detail over the next couple of weeks so stay tuned.


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