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Training for Ultra Endurance MTB Events

Posted by fenner on March 11, 2009

Hi all,

With a stack of 24 and Enduros on the horizon I thought it was time to put out the second article in the series from the fantastic Enduro magazine. enduro_9_fenner

Lots has been happening in the last few months and FTP Training will have some very exciting news in the next couple of week. Training for all the FTP athletes has been awesome with countless PB’s in power and timed runs. There will be some great results and personal bests come April thats for sure.

I smashed out a PB yesterday up the local Berry Mt a 6.2km climb with 515 m elevation gain. I recorded a time of 18.20 and an average speed of 20.2 km/h. My power average was 372 watts and I am down to my skinny 68kg race weight ready for the first peak of the year. As I said there is some exciting news to come out soon and I am sure that excitement is fueling my training efforts and commitment at the moment.

Cheers and catch up soon



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