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What to Do?

Posted by fenner on May 11, 2009

Well after the Terra Australis I was fully fired up and feeling pretty good, however, work and life commitments had taken their toll on both the physical and mental aspects of life. Getting away and just racing was a great relief and not having to worry about the purchase of the new house was just gold. Unfortunately the great form that had been kick started after the Terra was short lived, there just wasn’t a solid enough base CTL to work from without continuing to build. With everything that was going on in the real life solid training just wasn’t going to happen and so the maintenance of condition was the key again. This sort of phase can only go for so long, normally I can maintain for about 6 weeks before the next build. This maintenance phase had been going on for a couple of months and inconsistency was starting to rear it’s ugly head. The development of condition should be a gradual progressive process, followed by a period of rest to gain freshness and form where there is a drop in condition and loss of CTL. This is the usual process followed by a re-build of condition and rest to bring on the 2nd peak of the year.

You can see the builds and peak phases of the past season and it is also clear to see the period of inconsistent form since December in the PMC chart for the 2008 – 9 seasons.

Fenz 2008-9 PMC


So the question is where to from here, in reality my condition is just not good enough to make the big trip overseas to compete at the Worlds again. I am gutted but I feel that I am going to have to make the decision to pull the pin on Canada :o( I will make the final call later this week when the dreaded swine flu has passed and I feel a little better, but I think my mind is made up.

I think it is time to hang up the bike for a few weeks and take a real break, spend dome time with Sally, surf a Little and maybe even have a glass or 4 of wine. I have a new stable to build for Sally’s horse and a few projects to complete on the new house. I have been thinking of future races (I can’t help myself) and the National and World Masters Games in September, October are looking like a possibility;o)

Cheers for now



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