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Questions and Answers From Enduro

Posted by fenner on August 18, 2009

Fenz – Enduro 11


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Another great weekend for FTP Training riders

Posted by fenner on August 11, 2009

There were a heap of great results for www.ftptraining.com riders over the weekend in all disciplines.

First up a great win in the Tamworth 2 Day Tour for Michael Troy. With a couple of large teams in the event he had his work cut out. Michael has been getting better and better all season and used his power and racing savvy to come away with a fine win. Good on you Tarmack.

In the Sydney 12 hour was Big Jeff Rooney, he had a humdinger of a battle with his usual nemesis John Evans, but came through with a great win. It is a huge result for Jeff who had a horrific smash a couple of years ago and broke his neck. To be able to comeback from that and put the massive effort into training and get the result is awesome.

Next up was Tim Anderson who took out the pairs in a Chase the Sun series race down in Vic. He is super stoked after a race long battle to finally win his first MTB race, good on ya mate.

On the club, local scene Both Henry Wakeford and Dave Hunt took out wins in the local Road and MTB races. Great stuff guys, Henry improved on his previous best lap times on the Super Bowl by over 2 minutes!!! That is a massive improvement in both power and bike handling.

Fenz and Carlso headed up to Coffs Harbour for the Pleasure and Pain 100km MTB race. It was a cracking single-track dominated course through rain forest and included 4 laps of the 25km circuit. From the gun Jason English resplendent in his BMC world’s kit smashed out a cracking pace, this was going to be a hard race. With the Rock Stars of Hamish and Troy in attendance along with a very fit looking Mark Frendo it was game on. For the first 2 laps it was all together then the splits started to appear. Firstly Hamish had to bail due to a broken rear mech, then Carso and the 2 local elite riders dropped the pace, I fought hard to make contact with the lead 3 leaders and just as I was getting onto terms my handlebars came loose on my new Specialized Stumpjumper carbon hardtail. I didn’t have a tool so I nursed it round the course until I found a race official near the track, we hunted down a tool and I managed to tighten them up. It was all over red rover by then, however. The leaders were well gone and the 2 local riders had come and gone and were up the road by a couple of minutes. I chased for a lap and then blew a bit limping in 6th. It was a super fast race with Jason and Mark completing the 100km in less than 4 hours, I managed 4.19.

I will hopefully get a few photos from the event up soon and I hope to see you on the trail.


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Anatomy of a Road Race

Posted by fenner on August 5, 2009

I have missed doing bigger road races and last weekend off the back of my longest training ride of 80 km I was all ready for the 160 elite nswroad race champs. I had been told that the course would suit me as it was rolling and had on 2 – 3 km climb each of the 5 laps. It was certainly a cracker of a day with the sub shining and hardly any wind so the gods were looking over us for sure.

Nowra Velo and www.ftptraining.com team member Michael Troy was competing in the U23 race being held alongside the elite race, so it was going to be fun to actually have a team mate in the race. We rolled around before the start and looking around it was clear that there were 2 major teams in the race, this was going to be fun!!!

The first lap was all a bit tentative, the pace was set on the climb, but it wasn’t too bad and most riders held in. On the second lap however, the hammer went down. I was holding between 4 – 500 watts trying to close gaps and over the top of the climb around 12 riders had clipped off the front. It looked like the move of the day so I chased on with the help of the spares car and after a 5 km chase got on the back of the group. It was a big effort that saw a 10 minute normalised power of 398 watts!!! I wasn’t going to have many of those efforts in me in one day. After a couple of Km’s getting my wind back the whole crew sat up @#$%. The chasing group which was around 40 riders cruised back on and all that effort was for nothing, oh well. The rest of the race was just a was of attrition as rider after rider dropped off the pace and out of the race. On the 4thlap I went for my last couple of gels only to find that I must have slid them into the gap between the jersey and the number and had none left!! I didn’t think it would matter and just got on with the race. On the final climb the last selection was made for the medals, 5 riders eased off the remaining 20 riders and the whole race split to pieces. A small group of 7 gave chase and I chased to get onto this group over the top. The rest were all dropped. As I went over the top of the climb with just 18km to go I blew a gasket %$#@. It was a catastrophic blow up and I could hardly pedal, it was going to be the longest 18 km ever back to base. The stragglers kept coming up and offering a wheel to sit on and all I could do is wave them on as I just had nothing at all. I ended up coming in last of the finisher in 14th place by the reckoning of race officials.

It was a fun race and the numbers showed some good form, being about 3-4 kg’s over my optimal race weight of 67 kg’s didn’t allow me to go with the best on the climb, but, I wasn’t far off and after only training for 6 weeks I am quite happy ;o)

Race Data Including Catastrophic blow up and without #1

SRM #1:

   Duration:    4:22:46 (4:24:16)

   Work:         3371 kJ

   TSS:            305.4 (intensity factor 0.835)

   Norm Power:      276

   VI:              1.29

   Distance:    164.091 km

                      Min  Max  Avg

   Power:        0     1040  214     watts

   Heart Rate:  0     240       5      bpm

   Cadence:    29    154     85      rpm

   Speed:         0     79.9 37.5      kph


New Range #1:

   Duration:    3:38:28

   Work:         2928 kJ

   TSS:            272.6 (intensity factor 0.865)

   Norm Power:      286

   VI:              1.28

   Distance:    142.029 km

                      Min  Max Avg

   Power:       0      1040  223  watts

   Heart Rate: 0      212       6   bpm

   Cadence:     29    154    87   rpm

   Speed:       11.5 79.9  39.0   kph 

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