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The MTB Marathon National Championships 09

Posted by fenner on September 21, 2009

It was the long drive to Melbourne for old Fenz this week to catch up with Simon from Total Rush and look at the new Specialized products for 2010. I also wanted to get in to see Dean from TORQ to discuss our upcoming training camp and check out the fantastic new lab facilities that he has for sports testing. All in all it was a great week with possibly a little too much red wine consumed;o)

On Saturday arvo I traveled down to the Nationals course in Bendigo. With the race starting early on the Sunday morning I didn’t want a repeat of the previous weeks dodgy guts this time so I wanted lots of time to do the do in the morning. Right from the start I felt under powered and was struggling to maintain the watts needed to stay with the leading group. I was only managing to hold 350 – 360 for the 5 minute efforts and smaller climbs where normally I would be up around 420. I was struggling to breath with the cold air and decided to drop off the pace and think about the long haul. I settled into an easy relaxed pace with Phil Orr and started to feel better by about the 30km mark. I was focusing on trying to eat and drink and get onboard the 70 – 90 grams of CHO per hour needed to avoid the bonk. I was on schedule with the gels and bars and felt ok with the fluids from the camelback. By 70km I was feeling good and had caught a few riders and felt strong, by 90km the doors fell off again. I could hardly walk up the climbs let alone ride:o( I was gutted and struggling to produce 100 watts. All the riders I had passed slowly came past me asking if I was alright and Mark Tupalski who had suffered a puncture and then a bust chain caught up again and decided to stay with me and get me back to HQ, top work mate thankyou. I don’t think I would have made it without your encouragement and support.

On analysis back at the car I realised that I had only drunk around 1 litre and was by the finish a bar and a gel short of my CHO needed. The drinking really threw it as a large amount of the CHO was or should have been consumed in the drinks. I had another litre and a half left which would have given me another 150 grams of CHO, along with the gel and bar a grand total of 230 grams of CHO and my race down the pan again.

So what to do? My real focus is the ITT and Road Race at the Masters Nats and Worlds so these Enduro’s were only 2nd priority races, but, to continually blow due to my poor feeding strategies is just not on. With the focus on shorter harder training intervals I have not been training hoe to eat and drink during longer rides and it has become very apparent that this is not a given. Eating and Hydration is a learned skill and a habit and it needs to be training just like everything else. If you get out of the habit your long race performance suffers even if you have good legs. There is simply no possibility of a good Enduro race without getting the feeding and Hydration right.

With that in mind I am determined to correct it and get back for the 100 mile Fling in early November with it all sorted and a good solid performance.




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The Very Angry Doctor!

Posted by fenner on September 14, 2009

What a weekend, as the temperatures soared in NSW into the low 30’s a solid crew of www.ftptraining.comriders lined up for the start of the Angry Doctor in Mogo. It was a super tough race in the above normal temps and it pushed everyone to the limit.

In the elite field www.ftptraining.com riders Josh Carlson, Mark Tupalski and John Blankenstein all rode to finish in the top 10 and well done to Warren Burgess who took the top spot. A great win with a great time on a super tough day in the saddle. It looks like a week in Timor worked a treat for Wazza;o)

All the other www.ftptraining.comriders came home with impressive PB’s. A stonking ride by Jacqui Kennett who completed in around 6.30 and sliced a massive 60+ minutes off of last years race time. Well done mate all is looking good for your first 24 hour. Arran Pearson, Jason McAvoy and Kevin Wells all took between 25 – 50 minutes off of their previous bests with Jason coming home in around 5.30 and Arran on the single speed in about 5.40. Again cracking times on a hard, hard day.

My race, well it was a shocker and I thank all those riders for asking if I was alright as they came by in the final 10km’s. All was good until the 45km mark when I slashed a sidewall. It wouldn’t seal so I had to stop again and put a tube in. This dropped me back from 5/6th to mid teens for the start of the 2nd 50. I was traveling quite well and made it up to Perren and Josh and we trucked along quite well until the world quite literally fell out of me!!! I had a savage case of the runs and spent a good 10 minutes loosing all of my fluids and dehydrating further in the Mogo forest!!! By the time I got back onto the bike I was a shell of a Fenz. I then went left up a fire road instead of right after the final feed and nearly rode back to the last feed station!!! If it wasn’t for a guy in a ute transporting another rider back to base I would have continued to go the wrong way. There was loads of pink tape so I thought this must be right, but, it wasn’t. The final 15km’s were quite possibly the worst I have had on a bike and I was just glad to get back to base and get out of the sun in a time of 5.15. It is all about recovery this week now and then off to Bendigo at the weekend for the Marathon Nationals.



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