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Must do races coming up in 2010

Posted by fenner on January 21, 2010

2010 is upon us and it should be about the time that most racers have set their race schedule in place. It is a fantastic time to be a  MTB rider in Australia at the moment with some great races throughout the year and all across the country. Without a doubt last years highlight was the Terra Australis http://www.terraaustralismtbepic.com/ the race was just everything that a good MTB epic should be. It had that adventure component, often missing in the lap type races. It had a real sense of camaraderie between competitors, that sort of knowing that you were all doing something a little special. As preparation for the 24 hour races coming up later in the year the Terra offers the best training rolled up in a week you will never forget.

The final day of the Terra Australis 2009

So what are you waiting for get on to the boys at finish line events and call up you riding partner and I will see you on the start line



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More FTP Training Medals at the National Champs

Posted by fenner on January 19, 2010

Another great ride at the National; MTB Champs at the weekend came from  Amy Austin who took out the Gold Medal in the U19’s race. At just 16 years of age Amy has a very bright future ahead of her.

Amy with the Gold Medal and Champions Jersey

Great work Amy well done,


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Josh Carlson 3rd In XC national Champs

Posted by fenner on January 16, 2010

Quick of the phone with FTP Training rider Josh  (Weasley) Carlson and he has gone and bagged the Bronze Medal in the National XC Champs in Adelaide. This is an outstanding result for a guy who only started riding 2 years ago!!! Josh has put in so much work in his prep for the cahmps and I am sure this is just the beginning of a very big year for the man with the Massive Quads.

Josh Carlson

Good on you mate, now go smash um in the Short Course ;o)


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Bay Crits and the National ITT Champs

Posted by fenner on January 13, 2010

Jayco’s and The Nationals

The first two stages of the Bay Crits went very well for the team and we also had quite a few top ten finishes. The final two stages, however, were not so good. As we were only 1 point behind the NSWIS team going into stage 3 we were looking to get as many riders in the scoring top ten as possible. The hot dog crit in Geelong is always a tough race and starting positions are critical. To my horror the organisers decided today was the day to change how they had been calling up the riders and the end result was that all number 5’s were called up last, back row out of 100 starters when the main straight is only 400 m long. You guessed it I was a number 5 $%^# Rubbish. Ok not to worry, ride hard and get to the front asap I thought. Jake one of our riders was not aware that I was on the back row and as he had got a good start call hit it hard from the gun, the peloton was strung out the length of the straight first lap $%^& All I could hear from the back as I was pulling 1300 watts out the corners and sprinting for all it’s worth was “Jake Sutherland is smashing it on the front” from the commentator. What are the odds, but, head down and after 10 minutes of battling I was up near the front. Then the crashes started, in all there were 9 I believe and the last one occurred with 2 laps to go and took both Jake and myself out of the race. We were up into the leading 10 riders so it was game over for Total Rush as we placed nobody in the top ten and the NSWIS had 2 riders, bugger!

Josh, Sam and The Fenz

Stage 4 was due to be a short day for me with the National ITT Champs the very next day. I wanted to have a hit out and open up and then pull out with about 20 minutes under the belt. It didn’t end up working out that way. I had great legs and was feeling strong. I got into a few early moves and I thought we were away with a Drapac rider and another couple of drivers I thought we had it in the bag. That was until we were stopped by the race officials and told to wait for the peloton, what the @#$%, Pell from Drapac totally ignored the guy and carried on to win the race. We were all scratching our heads a bit a little puzzled by it all! I ended up getting away aging with 2 to go until swamped by the chasing pack with under a lap to the finish. Oh well there is always next year ;o)

Smashing it;o)

On the day of the ITT Champs I felt great, the warm up went very well and I was smashing out great numbers and feeling fantastic. With a slightly changed position due to the 3T bars I had being now officially banned by the UCI I was very confident that I had hit the holy grail of positions for me. A training ride on the rig the week before had smashed my local record on the Nowra TT course without all the fancy bits on so I was confident of a good solid ride. Coming off the start ramp and I was into it, the goal was to try to maintain 370 – 390 watts for the initial 6 minute climb, have a little recovery over the top of the hill and then maintain threshold at around 345 – 355 watts for the remainder of the course. It was hard to hold the power back on the climb, but, I stuck to my guns, I thought. Over the top I was feeling very strong and I stepped on the gas a little. By the 15 km mark I had caught and passed 3 riders and was eating up the course big time. The next 15 km saw me catch another 3 riders and it was then with just 10km to go that the wheels started to fall off a little. I started to struggle to hold 345 and was finding it hard to hold 320. Bugger, had I gone a little too hard at the start? Or was I a little fatigued from the 4 previous days of racing??

Warming up with some banging tunes

The final 10km were TOUGH into a headwind and up a hill, struggle time. I focused as much as possible and got it all out finishing in 54.37, just 35 seconds off the top ten!!!! Another case of what could have been, but, a good result for a 24 hour mountain biker.

Just a few km's to go

Next up is Wildside and I am frothing to get back there, bring it on. Rush Racing Factory Specialized will have a strong team line up and we are planning on going hard ;o)



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Jayco Bay Classic

Posted by fenner on January 3, 2010

Firstly happy new year to all my friends and fellow cyclists, the new year has started very well with the super hard and fast Jayco Bay Crits. After a quite new years in Sydney we drove down to Melbourne to race the series with the Total Rush team ans then onto the National ITT Champs. The last time I raced the Jayco’s I was in the pro race and was lining up against Brown, O’Grady and all the other hitters from the Euro scene. This time without the real speed to be able to hang with the big dogs I was going to race the support race again and so was feeling confident that I could be a bit of a player and mix it up a little.

The first stage was around the Botanical Gardens in Geelong and with the course being 2km long and flat is was going to be super fast and a little sketchy. As expected it went off like a rocket and the usual nerves kept the 100 or so riders taking too many risks and touching their brakes a little too often. The race was planned to get as many riders in the top 3 as possible and to try to take out the overall team cat in the series. As it was getting closer to the finish I moved a little closer to the front and the Total Rush team moved all it’s riders into the top 20 for the finish. The last lap was hectic and the sprint started a little early leaving riders scattered across the road trying to sprint into the headwind. We managed 3 riders in the top 12 with Ben Juzwin in 6th, Jake Sutherland in 10 and me in 11th.

Stage 2 was a new circuit around the Botanical Gardens with a little pinch climb it was going to be a little harder and hopefully sort out the big peloton a little earlier. As usual it took of hard and fast and it was game on. After the first 1000 watt climb over the little pinch I knew it was going to hurt a little more today. The race progressed well with Josh Carlson from Total Rush taking out the first intermediate sprint and all the Rush riders looking good and holding position well. With  4 to go a small group of 3 riders containing Sam Back from the Rush clipped off the front and I attached myself to the chasing 3 riders. It was looking good for 2 laps then it was closed down. On the last lap both Jake and myself went up the outsides to get a position in the top 10 for the last time up the pinch. It was on and with 500 meters to go a rider went down in the sprint to my left. I swerved to avoid contact and lost contact with the top 5 riders. I punched hard with the legs screaming and led Josh out for a top 10. I came in 10th just getting piped on the line. Jake managed a 4th so a great result for Team Total Rush. The overall teams result is now looking like the Total Rush Team and Team NSWIS1 withing 1 point of each other going into day 3.

Pics to follow as soon as I get some.

Cheers Fenz

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