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It’s been a long time since the last post

Posted by fenner on February 10, 2011

Wow, it has been quite a while since the last post and as usual lots has been happening. After moving around 80 tonnes of rock, I finally succumbed to slipping 3 discs in L3, L4 and L5!!! and I did it lifting a carton of beer out of the car!!!! I can tell you right now that beer is very bad for you :o( This injury has really knocked me about and aggravated some old injuries from a long time ago when I used to make a living as a carpenter.

This back issue has put me out of action and I haven’t been off the bike for as long as this in a very long time. Over the Xmas and New Year period I had greatly reduced the volume and I was maintaining a modicum of condition doing the FTP Training evening 10 Mile ITT every Wednesday night in Nowra, as well as a longer mountains ride on the rivet every weekend. That was about it 3 – 5 hours max, but, all full gas. I was still in quite good condition and my times up our local climb were still quite good which was very encouraging indeed.

The Alpine Assault was a real eye opener as I managed to stay with the leaders until the big downhill, where I attached and dropped everyone!!! This was at about the 45km mark and I maintained around a minute lead over the next climb and the start of the next down. It was then that the law of sod decided to cut a front sidewall and waste 4 CO2’s and 2 inner tubes!!! With some very good will from riders especially Andrew Hall who stopped to help I was able to get going again, some 15 minutes later. Out the hoop and pissed off. I had actually entered Masters as I believed my condition to be doubtful, so when you suddenly drop Paul V D Ploug on the D you start to get ideas above your station so to speak! Well that was the end of it really, I chased too hard and blew after about 80km in a big bad way, having to stop and dip my head in the cool streams on the big hill climb. Dean stopped with me as I think he was a little shocked to ride up to me and then was quite worried at the sight of me, I am now 40, but, looked 80, lol.

Well that was then and I was quite happy really after a cold drink and was just about to start training for the Terra when the back went!! Bugger.   It is getting better and I have managed a few small rides, so, fingers crossed I will be up and running asap, with 6 weeks until the Terra.

See you out there,



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