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Right then back into training and starting from scratch

Posted by fenner on November 7, 2011

That was a journey I really didn’t expect or want, a ruptured disc and following operation scuppered 4 months of this season and ruined all my best laid plans. These things are sent to try us and finally I am back on the bike after a few fits and stops (under surgeons orders) I am 12 weeks post op and the disc should be healed and ready for me to begin the long road back to fitness.

I dicided today that I would go out and set the starting FTP and did my local climb Camby and solid 5km 8% climb that is right on my doorstep. I was going to just go a roll around, but, wanted to see where I was at and make sure that all the subsequent rides were at the right intensity and that TP was going to be giving me the correct CTL and corresponding TSB numbers throught the next month or so. The test numbers were 23 minutes for the climb over 5 mins slower than my PB time and 23 minute power was 300 watts on the dot at 75kg’s. Thie represents a 75 watt drop from PB form and nearly 8 kg’s heavier than race weight!!!!! With a CTL starting at 9.6 I have a long way to go, but, I have the first target set which is Wildside at the end of January and the big news for me was being asked to do the Absa Cape Epic in South Africa with a rider I coached for the event last year Oliver Klein. Olz smashed it in the masters cat last year finishing well up in the top ten and is looking to hit the podium in 2012.

That gives me 3 months until Wildside and 5 until the Cape Epic. I am going to run a series of articles on training for Stage Races in AMB to go along with the training I am doing and also the popularuty


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