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The 2012 Cape 2 Cape

Posted by fenner on November 1, 2012

The Cape 2 Cape 2012

Ready to Rumble

Just over a year ago I flew over the West side to support my wife Sally and Sarah Hunter race the C2C and from the smiles on their dials I knew that when my back was better I would come back to race this great event. After a heavy road season I was a little fried and after returning from the UK where I had smashed out some great TT races I hadn’t really done very much, in fact I had done the best part of bugger all. With the weeks ticking off before the race I was well below par, but, I was really looking forward to getting dirty again and having a blast on the MTB.


My good old mates Mark and Sarah picked us up from the airport and lent me their spare car drive down and I managed to hook up with one of my riders and team mates Becky Mates as soon as I arrived and we hatched the plan for the weeks racing. I knew my form was not the best, but, hoped it would be good enough to be able to give John Greg a race for the Masters overall. Becky on the other hand was flying and she had hit PB numbers in training in the lead up and I was confident that she could create an upset.


Day one started as every day did FULL GAS, boom, it took off on the very first climb and it was on like Donkey Kong. The first stage was a tough one with lots of sand and a soft beach section where I actually got KO’ed by a double up wave and knocked off my bike and totally underwater. I lost the main group on the sandy descent and managed to come in 18th overall and 2nd in the masters. Being the only 26” wheel bike in the top 20 might be a limiting factor in the sandy loose downhills and along the fast double tracks, but, hopefully the old 26’er would be up to this changing game of MTB racing. Becky smashed the first stage and came in 3rd just behind Jodie Willets and Jenny Fay. Numbers for the stage were good with NP of 308 watts and a 5 min AV of 398 watts for the first climb. Solid figures, but, a good 5% off the pb numbers for the year.


The following stages followed a similar pattern with a selection made early in and the pace very high with what must be one of the best quality fields assembled in Australia. Stage 2 was a good stage for me with a fast paced 27km/h average speed our working group with Shaun Lewis and Nick Both keeping the leaders to a 2 minute advantage by the finish. Stage 3 was a shocker as I just couldn’t get the flow in the single track and rode like a Hubbard. I limped in well down and nearly dropped out of the top 20. Becky had had what can only be described as a shocker on day 2 with multiple mechanicals effectively taking her out of the race. This was real shame as with such good form I am sure she would have come away with high overall position. Stage 4 was another cracker and more road race with a 70km distance covered in 2 hour and 20 mins with an average speed of nearly 31km/h!!!! Scorchio fast. The last stage came down to the final climb and then the single track down to the finish. I was with the lead group most of the way up the climb and with about 20 of us left it was going to be pin it ya muppet time on the pea gravel drop to the finish. As was the case through the week my skills let me down and I struggled to ride fast and fluid, but, held on in a sprint finish to move up to 18th overall again and 2nd overall in the masters category against a dominant John Greg.


It was a great race and had everything with a real mix of terrain and great stage finish locations; I will be back for sure. I would like to thank the organisers for such a fantastic event and also my great sponsors Torq Nutrition for keeping me fuelled and pinging all week. To Cube bikes, Sram, Quarq, Continental, Sunto, Oz Riders, Aussie Butt Cream and GO2. Without you all it would not be possible for this old man to front up with the youngsters and keep them all honest.


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