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Hello for those of you that don’t know me my name is Mark Fenner. I have an Honours Degree in Sports Science where I majored in exercise physiology. I am an elite level competitive athlete who has represented my country and won medals ast national and world championships in multiple diciplines, Mountain, Road, Track Cycling and Sailing as well as Duathlon’s.

I am a qualified teacher who is a Cert 4 outdoor guide (MTB, Bushwalking, Kayaking) and a Cert IV trainer assessor. I have worked along side top exercise physiologists such as Simon Jones (BCF Track Coach), Mark Pearse (BTA Coach) I have coached elite riders and multisport athletes aspiring to win club, national and world  titles as well as individuals wanting do achieve a personal best.

A little more about me!


Mark Fenner

Nick Name   

The Fenzmeister, Fenner, Fen Dog, Fenz

Year Born     


Currently Living      

Tapitallee NSW

Years Riding       

Nearly bloody 30 Years!!!, bugger I am getting old. I was racing BMX back in 1981 – 82


 Total Rush Specialized Bikes, HID Technologies, SKINS, TORQ, OZriders

Riding Style    

On the rivet up and down, dirt or tarmac

Current Bike Set Ups    

2009 MTB S -Works Carbon Epic Full XTR, Roval Wheel Set and Powertap

2009 MTB Stumpjumper Carbon Expert XO Set Up, Stans ZTR On 240’s

Road S – Works Tarmac SL with SRM set up (POWER RULES)

Transition Expert TT Rig with Zipp Disc

Who Inspires You

Ned (the lung) Overend the guy still rocks and he is over 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Describe Yourself

Slightly mental with bags of energy. I like to have fun at everything I do, however, I like to do everything to the best of my ability. Second SUCKS refuse to loose.

Favorite Music

John Butler to mind altering trance and everything in between. I believe there is a tune for every moment of the day.

Check out Kasabian, they ROCK

Favorite Food

The good old Ruby Murrey (Curry) Chicken Sag, Rice and a Peshwarri Nan you can’t beat it

Favorite Film/TV

V For Vendetta and The Peep Show

Favorite Sports

Apart from riding I surf when I can and have snowboarded all over the World

Favorite Type of Riding

Big climbs where I can get the power down followed by super fast semi technical descents with lots of switchbacks (Stromlo Rocks as does Yarramundi)

The Perfect Day

5 Hours on the bike with 3 mountain passes followed by a huge feed at the Deli in Gerringong. Followed by a couple of hours sleep curled up with Sally and then go and smash it up on 4 – 6ft Werri Point perfection. PUKKA, but it hasn’t happened very often. With the Horses I am begining to get quite fond of going for a ride with Sally as well.

Weekly Training

Depending on the time of year, 12 – 24 hour weeks. At this time of year the focus is on XC Racing and developing function threshold power and VO2 max.

1 x 3 -4 hour tempo ride 260 – 300 watts

2 x 2 hour FTP rides with 3 or 4 20 minute efforts at 330 – 360 watts

2 x 1.5 hour VO2 hill or turbo interval sessions 6 – 8 x 5 minutes at 380 – 420 watts

The rest recovery rides and MTB skills development

When the XC season is over the bigger hours start for the 24 hour Nationals and Worlds

Best Adventure

Got married catsking/boarding at Island Lake Lodge Fernie BC in April 2000. It was a massive day with 40cms of fresh and the whole place to rip it up with our mates on a blue bird day. For the honeymoon Sally and I rode the Continental Divide MTB trail from Canada to Mexico. We covered over 5000kms and 250 000 ft of climbing on the self supported trip and it was just sooooooooooooooo good. We stopped at all the best MTB Trails in the World on the way through Colorado. It was truly an epic adventure/honeymoon with plenty of riding!?!?!?!

Words to Live By

Go Hard or Go Home


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